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Here's a few videos I have posted on YouTube over the years. Please give a watch/listen and you you like what you see or hear, please leave a comment or sign the guestbook at the bottom of the page. 

Steve Williams
From 2008,here's one that Steve wrote himself. If you remember Steve from Southwest Florida, or know him from his now Mississippi location, please take a moment and sign my guestbook. I would love to hear from you! 

From 1968, The Ralph & Roy show, starring Ralph McKee & Roy Cunningham
Recorded at WHIR radio studios, Danville Kentucky.

Never heard of Bozo? Then maybe you should listen!
"What Kind Of Pill Is This"

Here's one I spent years looking for. Little Enis (Carlos Toadvine) with is rockin' version of Good Ole Mountain Dew...."Rockin' Mountain Dew"

To visit my Little Enis tribute page click HERE 

Sam Thompson worte this one about his own child. Listen to him pour

his heart and soul into his music. Click HERE to visit Sam's tribute page.

From the 1950, Louisville Kentucky's own Jimmie Logsdon

Kelly Pedersen and the Mesa Band - Don't Tell Me What To Do.
Thanks to my friend Sharon Noble for this one!

Thanks a million for stopping in! Come back any ole time, as the latchstring's always out!

Note, I realize no profits from the music and videos on this page. They are from my personal collection, and are here to educate, or just bring back a memory.

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